What to do after B.COM -full details

What to do after B.Com?

For a brilliant career, you can do courses after Bcom commerce has always been known as a professional field that has many exciting career opportunities. But due to the available career opportunities just courses after BCom, there have also been people who make perception the scope of higher education in commerce is very limited. But this nation is completely wrong. There are a lot of options for further studies after BCom. not all students are aware of thIS course Let’s a look at some of these key options. courses after BCom.

courses after BCom 

chek it below some Popular course after completion of their bcom

Accountancy and Finance

In terms of this field of study, the focus of commerce is accountancy and finance. Although BCom gives basic knowledge and understanding of both these subjects, if you want to study them in-depth, you can do any of these courses after bcom

  • Chartered Accountancy (CA): Chartered Accountancy is considered to be the highest degree in the field of Finance and Accountancy. In the CA program, the student is given complete knowledge of accounting, auditing, and taxation.CA is a very prestigious career in our country. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) is a governing body that conducts exam conducts of CA. Those who clear the final exam of the institute …
  • Certified Financial Analyst (CFA): The CFA Academic Program is for students who have a keen interest in financial systems and investments. In this course, students are taught Basic Accounting Standards, Business Practices, Economic Policies, and Conditions, etc.
  • Cost Accountancy (ICWA): The Cost Accountancy course is for students who are interested in developing a checks and balance mechanism to manage the company’s cost and keep the company profitable.you can do this program any top instute
  • Company Secretary (CS): If you are interested in managing the company’s stock and investments, then you should do the CS program.Act as an important link between the company and its shareholders and handle and managing the formalities of the company’s stock trading.
  • Stock broking: After graduation in bcom commerce filed, another attractive career option is stockbroking. If you have a sharp understanding of stocks, then as a broker you can earn a good amount of money For its basic training, you can join a stock broking course, where you will be given detailed training on buying and selling of shares by individuals and institutions.
  • MBA Finance: MBA Finance is one of the most attractive academic options available to students who have done B.Com. By completing an MBA degree with a specialization in finance, you can start your career in a high position in any reputed company.

Banking and insurance

After BCom, a good option studying in the field of banking and insurance. There are specialized academic programs at the post-graduate level, which train students in the basics of these fields. these are M.Com with Specialization in Banking and Insurance, MBA with Specialization in Banking, MBA with Specialization in Insurance, etc. Most postgraduate level programs related to banking and insurance also have several options for sub-specialization.


Marketing is generally considered as a “generalist” field, in which students of any background can perform well. This is right in its place but when it comes to programs like MBA in Marketing or PGDM in Marketing, B.Com tax Previous students are definitely in advantage. and good salary The reason is that marketing management mainly relies on numerical and analytical data, which is processed and designed for marketing campaigns. Since B.Com graduates are already looking for data They are equipped with the basic analytical aptitude and logical methodology, so it becomes easy for them to do MBA marketing.


By the way, you will find many people, who would not consider a career in the field of law to be ideal for the students of BCom, but it is an excellent field for reading and making a career. You can specialize in any field of law. Your B.Com background will be very useful in specialization in the field of Business Law. Or, if you are interested, which you can also specialize in Academic Law or General Law.

Computer programming

Information technology is not only the Indian economy but the fastest growing sector in the global economy. courses After BCom, students who want to capitalize on the opportunities in this field, can do so by doing MCA or MSc IT. graphic designing Although most of the colleges offering these courses admit science graduates, some colleges also admit commerce graduates who have excelled in maths. Though this will take you away from the field of solid commerce, if you have a keen interest in these fields, then you must also consider this.

These are just a few options, which are available for further studies after BCom. Many other options also exist. It is better that students decide what they want to study after graduation, keeping in mind their long-term commitment to interests, passion and career building.

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)

B. Ed is a 2-year (4 years integrated) vocational course that any student can do after graduation with various specializations. This course has always been in great demand If you want to become a teacher at nursery, pre-secondary, secondary level, then you must have the right qualifications. you can also do courses after BCom

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